Since its first charitable event in 2000, the Olympia Companies Charitable Foundation has called upon the most philanthropic members of the Las Vegas Community, and to date it has raised over $24 million to support numerous, non-profit organizations that work tirelessly to serve children in need and at-risk families throughout Southern Nevada. Additionally, monetary and in-kind donations from the Foundation were used build the $11+ million dollar Southern Highlands Boys and Girls Club, campus. The impact of this acclaimed Foundation has been profound, and its generous donors have positively impacted the lives of countless children, parents, teachers, caregivers, and supporting families.
Through generous contributions over the past twenty-two years, the Olympia Companies Charitable Foundation has proudly:

With the continuing support of Olympia Companies, the Governor of Nevada, the Southern Highlands Community, and the numerous sponsors and contributors, the Olympia Companies Charitable Foundation is radically changing the lives of thousands of children, teens, and women in Southern Nevada.