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Call Nevada Department of Wildlife at (702) 486-5127 to report Coyote or Bobcat sightings in Southern Highlands.

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Highlights of the Association’s Covenants and Restrictions:

Living in Southern Highlands can be a rewarding experience. As one of Las Vegas’ finest and fastest-growing communities, Southern Highlands strives to maintain the highest standards and asks for a commitment from its owners and residents in keeping the superior quality of life by complying with certain standards and practices.

Southern Highlands’ Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions are often referred to as the CC&R’s. They are provided to each potential buyer prior to purchase, and they set forth certain rules that are monitored by the Association. In summary form, the most common rules are listed below. Please note that this is a brief list of Restrictions and the list below is not exhaustive. You may refer to your CC&R’s and Rules and Regulations for a complete list.

Architectural Considerations: The Association takes significant measures to ensure that the Community appearance is exceptional and constantly maintained. In keeping with that mission, certain actions are required of Owners related to home and landscape changes, upkeep, installations, or modifications. A few of the common issues are addressed below. However, if something is not covered below or you have any questions, please contact the management office for advice and direction.

  1. Applications for Approval: The Community was designed to require Association approval before any Owner can begin any change or alteration to the exterior of the home or property. The management office keeps current copies of the necessary applications. Approval is required for just about any exterior change whether done to the yard or home.
  2. Yard Installation: The Association has adopted deadlines for the installation of front and rear yards. If a home was originally sold without a front or year yard, the Association will send a reminder letter sometime after the required time has lapsed (6 months for front yard; 9 months for rear yard). This time line begins to run after the first home purchase and continues on even when a new Owner acquires the property. It does not reset.
  3. Pools: Any owner wishing to install a pool, must first get the approval of the Association. Many pool vendors will offer to take responsibility for all necessary approvals. Often times, they are referring to county permits. A pool vendor is not permitted to file for approval with the Association. Please be aware of this fact, and file your own application with the management offices. The Association has certain requirements for set backs and for screening of pool equipment that are important to review prior to deciding to contract with a vendor.
  4. Outdoor Equipment: Owners should be aware that the Association must approve any outdoor apparatus or structure prior to purchase, placement, or installation. It is necessary to closely read the Design Manual prior to making any change or buying any trampoline, playhouse, basketball hoop, gazebo, shed, patio cover, or other visible item. Owners are permitted to purchase patio furniture with standard umbrellas without first seeking Association approval.
  5. Satellite Dishes: Owners are permitted to install satellite dishes. The Association requires that the dish be installed on the back or side of the home. The satellite wires must be tightly affixed to the home and must be painted to match the color of the home. No dish or antennas may be mounted on any common area or shared walls.

Dog Barking, Loud Parties, and other Nuisance Behaviors: The Association works to ensure that all owners can peacefully enjoy the Community. Therefore, the Association takes steps to notify owners of violations related to excessive dog barking, loud noises, disruptive parties, and other nuisance behaviors. Everyone is asked to be neighborly at all times.

Gate Screening: Stamped metal mesh that is cut to the exact size of the frame of the gate and matches the color of the gate is pre-approved and does not need architectural approval. Prohibited gate materials include: aluminum, sheet metal, wire, chicken wire, glass, fiberglass, wood, trellis, solid paneling, plywood, bender board, plastic, metal or nylon coated chain-link, or bamboo.

Maintenance of Landscaping: Owners are required to keep clean, well-manicured, weed-free yards. Yards that are stressed from lack of water, landscape beds that are full of even small or dead weeds, and overgrown shrubbery or trees can be cause for a reminder letter from the Association.

Maintenance of Driveways: Owners are required to prevent or clean oil spills or drips and rust stains when visible on a driveway or walkway. Once oil is allowed to soak into the concrete, it is nearly impossible to completely remove. It is advisable to keep a close eye on driveway maintenance and seek out products that have a track record of success in removing unsightly stains.

Maintenance of Home Exterior: Owners are required to keep the appearance of a home’s exterior in good condition. If the fascia board that surrounds an Owner’s garage, windows, or door frame begins to peel, the Association may send a reminder letter asking that the Owner repair the problem. If windows are broken, garage and front doors are dented, and/or the home shows signs of other wear and tear, the Association will seek an Owner’s involvement in the repair.

Maintenance of Walls (Leaching): The water in Las Vegas is quite harsh. When mixed with soil, the water itself can leave a white residue on walls and other structures. This is often referred to as “wall leaching.” The Association closely monitors this issue for two reasons. First, wall leaching is indicative of a watering problem on the opposite side of a wall or structure. Often times a protective coating or barrier has not been completely applied to the wall or the landscape installed after application of the coating exceeded the height of the coating. Second, wall leaching, while unsightly, can also serve to damage the wall or structure over time. When wall leaching is observed in the Association the inspector attempts to locate the source of the water, and a letter is sent to that Owner.

Parking: The Association has various parking regulations based on the nature and ownership of the streets or drives. It is best to refer to the Parking Matrix set forth in the Frequently Asked Questions section. Generally:

  1. Owners are required to park in their garages and/or within the driveway.
  2. Guests are permitted to park on the side-walk side of the street for limited periods.
  3. No parking is permitted in crosswalks, in intersections, in front of driveways, within 30 feet of a flashing traffic sign, or in any other manner that violates local or state ordinances.

Vehicles: Recreational or Commercial: The Association places certain restrictions on an Owner’s right to park or keep a recreational or commercial vehicle within the Association.

  1. Recreational vehicles are generally defined as RV’s, boats, jet skis, ATV’s, dirt bikes, trailers and the like. If an Owner owns any recreational type vehicle, it is best to completely read the Rules and Regulations prior to parking, storing, or operating a recreational vehicle in the Community.
  2. Commercial vehicles may be parked within the Association during loading, unloading, or during the period of the respective work undertaken by the commercial entity. Owners who are required to bring commercial work vehicles home at the end of a workday must park the commercial vehicle in the garage or screen it completely from view, unless the vehicle is a protected public utility vehicle.

Trash Containers: The Association takes steps to ensure that trash is properly stored and managed. Therefore, receptacles many only be placed curbside 12 hours prior to collection and must be removed within the 12 hours following. Trash cans or other receptacles may be kept behind a screened gate or in the garage, but cannot be visible from the street or neighboring properties. If trash is not picked up as scheduled, please call Republic Services at 735-5151.

Animals: Owners are allowed to own two (2) domestic pets unless otherwise licensed by a State or local agency. This restriction does not apply to fish. Pet housing must be hidden from view of all other property, and animal noise should be monitored and limited at all times. The Association follows County pet ordinances regarding restraints, which require that all pets be kept on a leash at all times when outside of a residence.

Short Term Rental / Home Business. Southern Highlands’ residences are for single-family use only, and owners are prohibited from engaging in short-term / vacation rentals of the homes. Any Owner wishing to operate business from a home must obtain all necessary and applicable licenses and they may not engage in any activity that disrupts the neighborhood or increases traffic to the Community regardless of whether or not a license is obtained.

Note: This summary is intended to serve as a brief overview and is not inclusive of every covenant or rule governing the use of the properties within the Community. A complete set of the governing documents may be ordered from the Documents and Forms section of this website.

Local, state, and national representatives:

*List updated for 2022 year on 8/8/22.
For a complete listing and contact information of all local and state elected officials please access the Clark County Nevada website, at

Enterprise Town Advisory Board

Meetings are held Wednesdays, preceding the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. For more information, please view the Enterprise Town Advisory Board page.

Board of County Commissioners

  • David Chestnut, Chair
  • Barris Kaiser, Vice-Chair
  • Tanya Behm
  • Joseph Throneberry
  • Justin Maffett


Tiffany Hesser
Telephone: (702) 455-7388 / Fax: (702) 455-3558

Local Law Enforcement:

The Southern Highlands Community is located within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police quadrant or area known as the Enterprise Area Command. The currently elected Sheriff is Joseph Lombardo. You can learn more about the Police Department by logging onto: or you can visit your local station at:

Enterprise Area Command
6975 W. Windmill Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89113 (near Rainbow Blvd.)
Phone: (702) 828-2843 | Email:

Local residents are invited to the station to hear and discuss topics of law enforcement concern. This meeting is known as the “First Tuesday” meeting and it is generally held at 7:00 pm each month. Citizens are encouraged to participate and are given an opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns about issues in the community. The Community Association sends a security representative to each meeting.

Local Libraries:

There are two local Clark County Library branches located within eight miles of Southern Highlands.

Enterprise Library
25 Shelbourne Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123
Windmill Library
7060 W. Windmill Ln.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113

Other Useful Community Numbers:

(Numbers were updated as of January 2012, please confirm any emergency number prior to use)

*Child Abuse Hotline (702) 399-0081
*SafeNest Domestic Violence Hotline (702) 646-4981
Sheriff’s Civil Office (702) 455-5400
LVMPD Domestic Violence Unit (702) 828-4451
Senior Protective Services (702) 455-8672
*EOB Treatment (702) 648-7188
*Salvation Army (702) 399-2769
Clark County Family & Youth Services (702) 455-5200
Senior Services Ombudsman (702) 486-3545
Nevada Child Seekers (702) 458-7009
St. Vincents/Catholic Comm. Services (702) 383-0766
*Las Vegas Rescue Mission (702) 382-1766
*Salvation Army (702) 639-0277
ShadeTree Shelter (702) 385-0072
Weekend Emergency Assistance (702) 383-4054
Clark County Social Services (702) 455-4270
United Way of Southern Nevada (702) 734-4332
Constables Office (702) 455-4099
Clark County Public Response (702) 455-4191
Catholic Charities (702) 385-2662
Family Court Temporary Protective Orders (702) 455-3400
Clark County Legal Services (702) 386-1070
Senior Law Project (702) 229-6596
Neighborhood Justice (702) 455-3898
*Salvation Army (702) 657-0123
*So. Nev. Adult Mental/Crisis Ctr. (702) 486-8020
*NV Disability, Advocacy & Law Center (702) 257-8150
US Attorney (702) 388-6336
District Attorney (702) 671-2525
LVMPD (Metro Police) (702) 828-2955
Crime Stoppers (702) 385-5555
*Equifax 1-800-825-6285
*Experian 1-888-397-3742
*Transunion 1-800-680-7289
*Federal Trade Commission 1-877-ID-THEFT
Poison Control Info (702) 732-4989
Sexual Assault Hotline (702) 366-1640
Suicide Prevention Hotline (702) 731-2990
*Denotes 24 HR Assistance

Local Schools