Board of Directors

The Community operates under the oversight of a five member Board of Directors. They meet on a regular basis to review, discuss, and direct the operations of the Community. At this time, the Community is under Developer Control. This means that the Developer, Southern Highlands Development Corporation, has the authority to appoint a majority of the Board Members. Currently, three members are appointed by the Developer and two members are elected by the Owners.

The Board consists of:

Elections for the Owner elected seats on the Board are held in November/December of each year. Owner representatives serve a two (2) year term. If you wish to run for the Board, please watch for a nomination form, which is mailed in September-November of each year.

Board members are not paid and do volunteer countless hours to the Community over the course of the year. It is not uncommon for a Director to attend meetings for multiple hours each week. The Board of Directors provides valuable service to the Community and they work for the best interests of the association and its Members.


In Nevada, association meetings are divided into two parts: (1) the open session, and (2) the executive session. Owners are always invited to attend the open session, and they are given time to address the Board at the beginning and end of each meeting. Those who cannot attend the meetings may address correspondence to the Board by contacting the Association office.

The executive session is only open to current Board Members and invited guests. The Board’s business during this portion of the meeting is regulated by Nevada law. Generally, the Board discusses financial delinquencies and pending legal matters, if any.

Board Meetings* All meetings are listed on the Community Calendar (use ‘list view’ to sort events easily) and are subject to change. Notice is made available to each Owner in advance of every meeting.

Meetings are currently being held via Zoom to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. Finalized meetings, Zoom access information, dates, and times will be listed on the meeting notice and agenda mailed in advance of the meeting.

* Board Appeals and other regular meetings of the Board are noticed to the Owners as they are scheduled.