Southern Highlands has multiple community parks that can be used for family gatherings, birthday parties, reunions or other special events. Park reservations are open to all homeowners/residents and outside parties.* Reservations are on a first-come, first serve basis based on submission of the reservation form and deposit. Please be aware that certain rules and regulations apply based on the nature of any individual use. The Association cannot guarantee exclusive use of any park at any time even if a reservation form is accepted.

Each park has something great to offer, and a complete list of park amenities is available on this site. If your event requires the use of extra utilities, such as water or electricity, the Association may charge a small non-refundable fee. If you are unsure of which park will best fit your event, we are happy to assist you with this decision.

Throughout the year, Southern Highlands Community Association and other Community Partners reserve our parks for public or private events. This may limit the availability of some parks during these events and, in some instances, prior to these events. If you are interested in a specific park, please call well in advance to confirm availability.

Please contact out office at (702) 361-6640 or e-mail to request a Park Reservation Package or more information about reserving one of our parks.

*Fees and documents requested may vary for non-residents.*