The Southern Highlands Charitable Foundation was established in 2001 to financially support charities and programs in Southern Nevada that work to improve the quality of life for children, teens, and women in need. The Foundation has raised and distributed over Ten Million Dollars through a variety of events including the annual Governor’s Black-Tie Invitational supported by the Governor of Nevada; Memorial Day Celebration in Stonewater Park the 5K Run and Fall Festival; and other community programs. Most notably, the Foundation was the integral force behind the construction of the Southern Highlands Boys and Girls Club, which now services nearly 1050 families a month.

Through generous contributions over the past ten years, aside from building the local Boys and Girls Club, the Southern Highlands Charitable Foundation has proudly: With the continuing support of Olympia Companies, the Governor of Nevada, the Southern Highlands Community, and the numerous sponsors and contributors, the Southern Highlands Charitable Foundation is radically changing the lives of thousands of children, teens, and women in Southern Nevada.